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ESL Environmental Policy

Understanding the environment

Conducting any kind of business in today’s highly demanding, extremely competitive commercial climate means working better, smarter, faster. Quality has to be improved and maintained, while efficiency has to be increased.

We recognise that our operations have the potential to affect the environment. ESL meets all legal and regulatory requirements. Indeed, we regard it as critically important that we continuously improve all aspects of our environmental performance. Therefore we ensure that while satisfying the demanding requirements of our clients, our goods, services and internal housekeeping comply with environmental legislation and best practice.

Working for the environment

We are continually monitoring and improving our environmental performance across every area of our business, including: energy management, water management, the use of ozone depleting chemicals, the office environment, purchasing, recycling, transport and packaging.

Waste Management

We control and minimise waste, re-using and recycling where possible. Our waste paper and packaging is recycled by a government certified waste management company.

Energy Management

All procedures are continually reviewed to ensure the minimum use of energy, which in turn maximises efficiency.

Production Materials

Paper, our main raw material, sourced from an ISO14001 accredited supplier, consists of at least 50% recycled fibre. All wood pulp required is from sustainable sources and only ECF (elemental chlorine free) or TCF (total chlorine free) bleaching processes are used, which avoids the discharge of harmful chlorine emissions to the environment.


Any packaging we use meets The Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 2003, with concentration levels of regulated metals less than 100 ppm.

Atmospheric Emissions

Our production processes has been designed to mitigate any harmful emissions into the atmosphere


We ensure that our employees work in accordance with the best business ethical standards and environmental laws and regulations.

Improving the environment

We have created long term change by constant monitoring of environmental trigger-points. The result has been worth the effort. We believe that the environmental policy of ESL has improved our business environment as well as the environment around us. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that we purchase supplies from environmentally responsible sources. We are committed to continuing to improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution, and to contain our impact on the local community.

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