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Filing Accessories

Treasury Tags, Prongs, Pockets and paper clipping mechanisms all customisable to your requirements  Please browse our product range below for more details or contact us so we can discuss your individual needs.

Manilla Colours
Paper Options - Colour and weight to match your specific requirements
3 Part Spring Clips
Spring Clips
Spring Clips for storing and transfering documents.
Velcro Buttons from ESL
Self Adhesive Velcro Buttons
Velcro buttons for securing envelope and wallet flaps.
Metallic Prong ESL
229mm Prong
229mm Metallic Prong secures documents within folders safely.
Compressor Bar ESL
Compressor Bar
Metallic Compressor Bar for securing documents in folders.
Elasticated Tag from ESL
Elasticated Tag
Elasticated Tag for safely securing documents in folders.
100mm Treasurey Tag ESL
100mm Treasury Tag
100mm Treasurey Tag to secure documents inside folders.
Self Adhesive Prong ESL
Self Adhesive Prong
Self Adhesive Prong safely secures documents in folders and can be placed anywhere.
Plastic Pockets
Plastic Pockets
Plastic Pockets from ESL for protection and visibility of documents.