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Tab Dividers

Tabbed Dividers
Printed Divider SetsPrinted Divider Sets from ESLPrinted Divider Sets from ESLPrinted Divider Sets from ESLPrinted Divider Sets from ESL


We can provide dividers from 3 part to 15 part sets. They can be supplied individually, as part of a gang of dividers or as part of a folder.

Further divider options are standard A4 format or wide format, standard tabs or elongated tabs. You can choose the same colour and weight range of manilla as our folders for a professional finish and print can be tab only or full body.

Mylar Reinforcing

We can now provide Mylar reinforcing on divider tabs, which protects the divider tabs with a laminate coating on both sides. This provides a strengthened covering that is much more durable than ordinary dividers, without the cost of full sheet laminating.

While Mylar reinforcing means the tabs cannot be written on, this is perfect for your pre-printed tabs.


We recommend 180gsm manilla with mylar reinforcing. This is the most cost effective solution giving you durable dividers, which will not need replaced frequently like standard divider sets, at a very affordable price.

The standard way to read divider tabs (like book spines) is from the top down. This also has the benefit that your folder can be used like a file from a filing cabinet by holding it horizontally.

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