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Our Targets

We believe in complete transparency and have set targets for every stage of your order so you know the level of service to expect.  It's also a great way of measuring how we are achieving our stringent commitments.

All times are given in working days.  Click here to see our calendar of working days.

  • Phone or email query turnaround: 2 business hours
  • Quotation request: 1 day
  • Order processing and confirmation: 1 day
  • Proofing: 1-2 day turnaround
  • Items in stock: 1 week until you have it
  • Items that have to be made: 3 weeks to you receive it
  • Items requiring special materials or are excessively complicated: additional 2 weeks
  • Very large quantities: additional 2 weeks

Obviously these are average target times.  We improve on them where possible, but in cases of jobs with unusual requirements it may take a little longer.  Contact us and we will provide you with a more accurate estimate for your particular job.

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