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Reusable and Temporary Folders

Temporary Folders from ESL Available in any Colour, Size and Bespoke Print.
Reusable Binders with Bespoke print from ESLTemporary Folders available in a selection of Flourescent colours.Temporary Document Wallets available with Bespoke Printing and Lamination.File covers with removeable spine available from ESL.Brand New Swing Clip Folders available from ESL.Temp Folders with cutout and Lamination available from ESL.Temporary Casenote folders available with different expansion options from ESL.Polypropylene folders with bespoke inserts available from ESL.


ESL manufacture a range of temporary or reusable folders for scanned patient case notes. We can design and produce a folder with the specific needs of your Electronic Patient Management project in mind.

We offer full customisation on print, folder material, clip mechanism and finish.

  • Temporary Folders
  • Temporary Document Wallets
  • Reusable Bespoke Binders
  • Fluorescent Folders
  • Swing Clip Folders
  • Scanning Folders
  • Bespoke Casenote folders with expansion
  • File Covers

  • We have assisted many NHS Trusts with their scanning projects in supplying everything from lightweight recyclable folders to sturdy laminated or polypropylene files.

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