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ESL Products

We supply custom filing solutions to healthcare providers, government departments and any organisations with administration reqirements.  Please browse our product range below for more details or contact us so we can discuss your individual needs.

Case Note Medical Folders
Healthcare Records
Medical Case Note Folders, Patient Charts and clinic health records folders. Complete with inserts and filing clips ready for use.
Spring Clip Transfer Files
Legal and Financial
Printed case file jackets, file covers and transfer folders for secure storage of paperwork records in a bespoke printed manilla file.
Student File
Government Filing
Printed File Jackets for case notes in Government Departments.
Commerical Print
We can supply your many general printing requirements
File Folders
Office Filing
Files and folders for the office
HR Folder
Custom Employee and records folders for HR and other commercial departments.
Health and Safety Products
Hygiene PPE
Protect against Covid-19 with our PPE and Hygiene products
Stainless Clean Room Products
Healthcare Stainless Steel
Bespoke Healthcare Stainless Steel Equipment
Hospital Computer Carts
EPR Computer Carts
Electronic Medical Records Computer Trolleys
Bespoke packaging
Custom Packaging
Bespoke packaging customised for you
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Platforms
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Platforms - Bespoke Trolleys and Carts
LapCabby - Mobile Charging Trolleys & Cabinets
Mobile Charging Trolleys
LapCabby - Mobile Charging Trolleys & Cabinets