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Healthcare Stainless Steel

Bespoke Healthcare Stainless Steel Equipment  Please browse our product range below for more details or contact us so we can discuss your individual needs.

Stainless Steel Equipment
Cleanroom Packing Tables
Cleanroom Packing Tables Tailored to individual needs to cater for a busy working environment. UN3291 standard.
Stainless Steel Equipment
Wash Hand Basins
Wash Hand Basins, Corner sink units, knee operated sink units, foot operated sink units, optional sensor taps.
Stainless Steel Equipment
Height-adjustable Sinks
Bespoke touch-controlled height-adjustable sinks to alleviate repetitive back strain. Manufactured and tested to UN3291 standards
Stainless Steel Equipment
Instrument Baskets
Instrument sterilisation baskets to cater for demands in a busy C.S.S.D. / H.S.U. department
Stainless Steel Equipment
Storage Carts
Stainless steel storage / transportation carts with 270 deg door opening . Manufactured to UN3291 Standards
Stainless Steel Equipment
Sterile Equipment Transport Trolleys
Transport medical equipment between decontamination centres and hospitals. Manufactured to UN3291 standards