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Mask Ear Strap Extender Band

Mask Extender Band Head
Mask Extender Band Back of HeadMask Extender Band Side and Front ProfileMask Extender Band Side


  • Adjustable band keeps tension on the straps to ensure safe and secure fitting of mask around the mouth and nose
  • Designed to wear on crown of head to protect ears from mask straps
  • Prevents irritation, and provides best mask fit angle to fit around the mouth and nose
  • Multiple catches along the band for various fitting sizes without the straps slipping out
  • Catches angled upwards for easy engagement of the mask strap
  • Solid band body reduces the chances of snagging hairs
  • Made from durable, wipeable, easily identifiable, medi-blue polypropylene
  • Designed for quick and secure fitting of facemask

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